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Vasectomy Reversal California

New advancements in microsurgery technology have helped to increase popularity in the vasectomy reversal procedure as a way of restoring male fertility. California vasectomy reversal clinic locations have sprung up to help accommodate demand for the procedure. One of the male fertility clinics that has helped countless couples regain the ability to become parents is Vasectomy Reversal USA.

Success Statistics for Reverse Vasectomies

The vast majority of reverse vasectomy patients are capable of conceiving a child after their procedure. Studies have shown that 75 to 97 percent of microsurgical reverse vasectomy procedures are successful. Beyond the skill and technology used by the vasectomy reversal doctor, factors such as patient age, lifestyle, and health can affect sperm count and overall ability to conceive a child. Potential patients can gain greater insight into vasectomy reversal as a viable solution to infertility by scheduling a preliminary exam with Dr. Aaron Spitz.

Recovery Process for Vasectomy Reversal

While the actual procedure is not painful (due to general anesthetic), reverse vasectomy patients can expect to experience discomfort similar to that of their original vasectomy in the days following the procedure. Typically, three days of recovery are required prior to returning to deskwork and normal activities. Sports, heavy lifting and other demanding activities should be eliminated for three weeks after the procedure. After four weeks, the patient is generally allowed to resume sexual activity.

The Benefits of Vasectomy Reversal USA

Vasectomy Reversal USA is California's premier specialist clinic for reverse vasectomies. A full range of fertility options are provided by Dr. Aaron Spitz. Sperm retrieval and sperm freezing are just a few of the alternative male fertility options available at the vasectomy reversal clinic. Vasectomy Reversal USA is centrally located in Laguna Hills, California. For more information on vasectomy reversal California residents can visit Dr. Spitz's website at

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